The Bradley Group started as a training company (Stunit) back in 2000

We have changed and developed over the years but our ethics and standards have remained the same. We are passionate about our health and safety training. We want to help all organisations throughout Kent, London & beyond to achieve the best in health and safety performance, the best in risk management.

We will get to know your organisation so that we can offer you the service that suits you best.

Our Mission Statement

Everyone who takes on a job of work, whether for profit or not, has the right to expect to be free from harm to their health or safety. Our aim is to give organisations of all shapes and sizes the tools to make this happen in their workplace."

We are a people business

Systems and ideas come and go but people are always at the heart of an organisation and it is people who matter most to us. We believe that much can be achieved by treating people with kindness and respect, by listening to them and learning from them. For us, this is the route to creating a workplace that is productive, healthy and safe.

Our Team