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Value to Businesses

Health & safety and environmental training shouldn’t be seen as just a way of meeting legal requirements, but as an essential to doing good business.

Good risk management saves businesses money; focusing on occupational hygiene reduces staff sickness absence, meaning you are not paying for staff to sit at home.   Paying attention to safety will protect your business from compensation claims, which serve only to push up your insurance premiums. Training up your own team to make it all happen in-house encourages them, builds confidence from within and removes your need to constantly call on consultants to carry out day to day activities like risk assessments.

Altogether, that adds up to a lot of cost savings and other benefits; higher morale and productivity, professional accreditations which open up new markets and give you access to  bigger clients.

Good training is cost-effective in the long run.  People who come to us have a very high chance of passing.  More importantly, they will take good practical skills back to your workplace.  Perhaps most importantly, as our feedback shows, our approach to the training is innovative, engaging, lively and fresh; we focus on practical working examples to help people understand practical applications of what they’re learning and to grasp the essential concepts quickly and firmly and at their own pace. Covering a wide range of subject areas we can provide accredited training courses, such as IOSH and NEBOSH .

Health & safety and environmental training isn’t just legislative compliance, it’s a way to unlocking greater productivity and opportunities for your business, and we take pride in delivering training head and shoulders above the rest. Experience our approach yourself by booking a course or contact us with any questions or to arrange your own bespoke training package.

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