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Health and Safety Consultancy

Your business faces risks every day; identifying, controlling and managing them can help drive your company forward confidently and reduce costs.

Risks can come from a wide range of areas in business. Perhaps the most commonly considered is  health and safety but you’re just as likely to be challenged by damage to your reputation, unsteady economics or environmental problems. What really matters is having robust procedures and policies in place to reduce those risks and effectively manage them in the event that they do occur.

Consultancy expertise

We can offer you a wide experience base in different kinds of risk management and, of course,  the key area of health and safety, along with feedback from previous clients and some of the benefits our services can bring to your business.

Health and Safety consultancy

A traditional consultancy approach, bringing our experience to bear on ‘big picture’ risks and solutions to deal with them.  Health and safety policies, business continuity planning and small business compliance are just a few of our specialities.

Occupational health and safety services

If you want to avoid paying for a visit from the HSE, let us help you to ensure legal compliance by providing air sampling, dust monitoring and COSHH advice, as well as safety-focused services such as advice on machinery guarding and risk assessment, and a ‘competent person’ service. 

Health and safety and environmental training

Providing training to our clients and their staff is often a key component of our risk management strategies, helping you build in-house expertise to manage all but the most complex health and safety risks cost-effectively.

Whatever your requirements, for expert support and consultation on general risk management or health and safety specifics, our team of experts can support your business in its drive to reduce risks, enhance safety, meet compliance requirements and reduce your costs.  Contact us at The Bradley Group today for a free 15 minute consultation to identify exactly how we can help you.


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