Managing risk can be time-consuming and confusing. We can take some of that burden from you. With our knowledge and experience, combined with the flexibility of our approach to risk management, we can work with you to reduce the burden of risk on your business. Our workplace safety consultants are on-hand help you assess your business needs.

The Bradley Group was established as a health and safety training company, specialising in providing tutors with extensive practical as well as paper experience. That expertise quickly drew clients in to ask us to provide more involved consultancy work on such matters as health and safety policy, occupational hygiene problems and ‘competent person’ provision.

Our consultants are not only well qualified, they are also approachable and good at listening. They will take the time to get to know your business; they will then build on what you do well and help you to do better where you are not so strong.

Today our team bring personal experience reaching back decades, extensive qualifications, accreditations and practical experience of successfully applying the theories of good risk management to real world companies throughout the UK. With our ever growing client list and testimonials, we know that quality risk management delivered with innovation, practicality and care really can be a catalyst for advancing businesses in new and exciting directions.

Learn more about the value our consultancy can bring to your organisation, or contact us at any time to experience the service in a free 15 minute consultation that will identify the key risks your business faces, and just a few of the ways we can help you ensure they are under control.