Fire may not be an everyday occurrence but you need to understand exactly the level of risk you have in your organisation so that you can protect your staff, visitors and your business.

Fire risks are commonly under-prioritised by businesses who merely meet the minimum legal requirements rather than taking a really close look at the threats presented and preventative measures available. Like all The Bradley Group team, our fire consultants come with extensive qualifications and have helped many organisations across Kent, London and the rest of the UK achieve legal compliance. There background of practical experience ensures you get fire risk management services that can accurately identify your risks from every angle and help you bring them under control.

Our fire risk assessment and management services include:

  • Detailed fire risk assessments
  • Fire door inspections
  • Audits of current procedures
  • Advice on legal compliance
  • Periodic reviews and audits
  • Consultation on fire control procedures
  • Fire risk assessment training courses
  • Fire marshal training

Fires cost businesses in the UK over £1bn every year. Over 70% of businesses that experience a fire never reopen and many of them also result in deaths and serious injuries to staff and the general public. Fire is one of the biggest risks any business faces, whether dealing with dangerous substances or running an “average” office, it’s a risk you can’t ignore and we can help you ensure you’re doing everything you can.

Protect your company from one of the biggest threats to your business. Contact us today to learn more about the service and how we can build you an effective, practical and affordable fire risk management solution.