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Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Whether you need a one-off service from us or to have continuing support, you will find us keen to understand your business and work with your existing systems as much as possible.  We want your business to thrive and grow.

Advising on overall strategies is a large part of our consultancy work, but we also provide much more specific services to meet a one-off or short term need, such as providing a health and safety competent person service whilst training up a member of your team to do the job for you in future. All our work is delivered with the long term aim of building resources in your own team, with the assurance of our expert support for more complex problems.

Fire risk assessments
One of the most destructive and dangerous risks that every business faces, it is still the least understood. Our fire experts can help you evaluate the risks, assess their potential impact and advise on the best way of protecting  your team and your business.

Occupational health surveys
Could legionella be pouring out of your cooling tower? Are your staff exposed to deadly dusts? Let our experts check your workplace and advise you on how to control occupational health risks. Keeping your staff healthy keeps them working!

Competent person service
Let us help you to meet your legal requirement to have a ‘competent person’ to advise you on complying with the law. We can either stand as your ‘competent person’ or provide competent person training for a member of your team.

Audits and site inspections
Independence and accuracy are essential when you are measuring your company’s performance. Our expertise will ensure that your resources are targeted where they are most needed.

Risk assessments
Get a clear picture of your risks, with our supportive and expert help. We will guide you on how to assess, control and record your risks.

Our risk management services lay firm foundations and ensure you have access to the right expertise whatever the requirement. Contact us today to learn more or browse through our health and safety training services to see how we can develop most of this expertise cost effectively within your own team.

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