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Business Impact Analysis

Identifying risks is just one part of any consultation, the biggest step towards an effective management policy is assessing each risk to target those with the greatest potential impact.

It’s easy to obsess over the wrong risk; getting tunnel vision over something that could easily be managed as it happens, but missing a tiny detail in legislation that creates a chain reaction or threatens the continuation of the company. Years of experience, detailed research and professional insight from our consultants can help you find that focus, analysing the potential impact of any worst case scenario so you can clearly see where the greatest risks lie.

Our business impact analysis service includes;

  • Expert risk assessment
  • Audit of current risk management processes
  • Detailed threat analysis
  • Impact scenarios and analysis
  • Detailed consultation and reporting
  • Roll out to full business continuity planning

So many risks can be plausible in any business; natural disasters, fire, cyber attack, sabotage, theft, technical breakdown or even terrorism, expert analysis and definition as critical or non-critical risks is essential. With core risks firmly defined it is a simple process to advance risk management programs, amendments to health and safety policy or full business continuity planning.

Find focus in a minefield of risks with our business impact analysis support to help you focus on the critical issues rather than the day to day inconveniences; contact us today to learn more or try out our free 15 minute consultation to get a feel for the way we work, and how much we could help your business.

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