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Competent Person Service

We offer a free initial consultation that should help to identify your specific requirements.  From there we can tailor a specific competent person  services to your business that will help ensure your precious resources are not misspent on unnecessary burdens.    Our consultants are all members of the Institute of occupational health and safety (IOSH).  We can assist you with the following,

  • setting up or improving management systems that will benefit you by,
    • Improved health and safety performance
    • Reduced cost costs associated with accidents and incidents
    • Improved awareness of legal requirements
    • Improved productivity and moral
    • Reduced insurance premiums
    • More stakeholder confidence
  • auditing management systems,
  • assistance with accreditation,
  • Inspections
  • Health monitoring (noise, vibration etc.)

Our competent person packages can include site visits, assistance with management of health and safety, documentation and telephone advice.  We have a fully staffed office so your queries will always be addressed. 

Call or email Sally.Heard@thebradleygroup.co.uk  for more information 01795 599989

Contact us today for more information info@thebradleygroup.co.uk


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