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Health and Safety Policy

Most companies have one, few make good use of it.  When a policy is well written it can be the best and simplest of drivers for a sensible health and safety management system.

Effective health and safety policies are those that are completely tailored to the company, not just an off-the-peg document that happens to have your company name in it here and there. Protect your employees and the general public, set out clear areas of responsibility and offer confidence to your clients with a health and safety policy designed by us and tailor-made for your business.

Our health and safety policy writing service includes:

  • Review of current health and safety policy
  • Assessment of working practices
  • Analysis of legislative compliance requirements
  • Design of health and safety policy
  • Support in translating policy into practice

Our health and safety consultants are all Chartered Members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMISOH) or working towards Chartered Membership. They also bring a range of more specialist knowledge, such as occupational hygiene or the construction industry. Crucially, our policies are designed with the future in mind, building in the flexibility you need to develop your business and creating a solid foundation for a comprehensive risk management system.

Get a health and safety policy custom made to your business requirements. Contact us today to arrange an initial meeting with one of our expert consultants.


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