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Policy Implementation

Developing a comprehensive risk management strategy and policy is often the easiest part of the process:  developing it into practical day-to-day reality demands exceptional quality of delivery.

We have provided risk management and health and safety management consultancy for over a decade across sectors as diverse as waste and recycling, pharmaceuticals and facilities management, but our team also have extensive expertise and qualifications in delivery of bespoke training courses.

From the boardroom to the factory floor, we tailor training that enhances skills, reinforces understanding and respect for risk management and gives everyone a clear understanding of what the organisation requires them to do. This in turn leads to a culture of strong risk management and adherence to the company's policy and standards.

Throughout the development of your risk strategy our consultants always have one eye on the next stage of policy implementation and integration. We have to ensure that the documentation that is developed doesn't just meet legislative compliance, but is also a good fit with the existing systems and procedures.

Beyond developing risk assessment templates, policies and procedures, we ensure every individual from the top down understands competent risk management and has the knowledge and tools they need to meet their individual responsibilities within the larger strategy. This can come from standardised accredited training or from bespoke programmes, developed by us in collaboration with you, to bring the company's own systems and policies to life.  

The success of any risk management strategy relies on the quality of consultation. At the strategy stage it is essential that policies are designed which are practical and cost-effective to deliver.  During implementation, our aim is to provide exactly the right type and degree of support to ensure that the strategy set by the board becomes a reality.

Feedback from previous corporate business clients has reported significant increases in staff satisfaction and morale as a result of this investment in the people already within your business. Time and again we see that money spent on improving health and safety policies and risk management strategies is money saved through reduced sickness absences, reduced downtime, reduced insurance premiums, enhanced shareholder confidence and greater business opportunities.

Don’t let strategy implementation turn into a costly maze of paperwork and confusion.  With our approach to corporate risk management consultancy and training we ensure it enhances every aspect of your day-to-day business and the people that make it happen:   contact us today to learn more.

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