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Risk Assessments

Painless risk assessment

Do you look on risk assessment as filling in a form or as an information-gathering, thinking process?  If you are just filling in a form, perhaps we can help you to see it differently.  

Assessing your risks and putting sensible controls in place is not only a legal requirement but the key to managing the risks of an organisation to keep costs down.  The process can and should be kept as simple as possible, unless the process you are looking at really is very complex.  We can provide a clear, comprehensible system for assessing risks and give training for everyone involved in the process.  

Our range of risk assessment services and training includes:

  • Completing risk assessments alongside your team
  • COSHH assessments - advice and guidance
  • Manual handling assessments
  • Risk assessment training for your team
  • Risk management recommendations
  • Support in implementing your own risk assessment system

Ensure your risks are properly evaluated and your resources accurately targeted. Contact us to learn more or discuss how risk assessments can benefit your company.


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