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Health and Safety Consultancy

Forget standard package health and safety advice, given on the back of selling you insurance and HR services.  We won't tie you in to long, worthless contracts or hand over a pile of paperwork for you to fill in.  We will build a relationship with your organisation that will help you to grow and change, allowing you to face the future with confidence.

Our team of consultants offer decades of experience in giving businesses of all sizes practical ways to take control of their risks. Working closely with our clients we develop a detailed understanding of how the business works, the risks that are inherent in its operation  and the creation of bespoke strategies  to ensure those risks are managed and prepared for, whatever the industry. 

Small business compliance
Small business owners have a huge amount to deal with every day of their lives, so meeting full legal compliance for health and safety or getting risk management right can easily be overlooked or put off. We can give you peace of mind quickly and affordably.

Health and safety policy
Most policies sit in a file gathering dust.  We can show you how this essential document can be made to work for you and reinvigorate your whole approach to health and safety. We  don't provide standard, jargon-filled documents;  we provide policies that everyone can understand and that give your organisation clear guidelines for managing health and safety.  

Health and safety management systems
Not only is it a legal requirement to manage health and safety, it's essential for good business management.  Let us take away the laborious task of creating a system.  We can install one for you that will meld and work with existing systems and that will be efficient and effective.

Business continuity planning
Our consultants will help you to prepare for an uncertain future by looking ahead and evaluating where your risks may lie and those which pose the greatest threat, ensuring you’re best placed and ready to react decisively whatever may come.

Business impact analysis
A part of our business continuity planning, business impact analysis establishes the impact on your business of any risk you face, helping you focus on those problems that can make a big difference to your company.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and the many ways our consultants can help you. We can even give you a 15 minute telephone conversation for free to help you focus on the most important risks in your company.


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