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Risk Strategy

Creating risk management strategies and policies is simple; creating solutions that really deliver in the day to day running of the business demands detailed auditing, open consultation and real expertise.

Managing risk and developing a comprehensive strategy and policy approach is often time consuming and confusing for large corporate businesses. Meeting full legislative compliance and wider risk management needs is itself fraught with the risk of missing something, or the high costs of long-term contracts with an expert provider.

At Bradley Group we take a different approach, offering all the benefits of expert consultancy from a health and safety management competent person, with the practical and cost saving benefits of developing risk and health and safety management in-house.

Our services usually begin with an audit of your current risk management procedures and weigh these against a detailed risk assessment of your business and sector, highlighting areas demanding improvement and development, as well as the strengths that can be built on.

We believe best practice starts in the boardroom and filters down through the various levels of a corporate business, so at the next stage we present our findings to the board and carry through a full consultation period with them to really focus in on core needs and ideal solutions.

The success of our approach depends upon a guarantee of confidentiality, the exceptional knowledge of the corporate sectors and skill within our consulting team. We will take the time to really understand your business and your risk management requirements, applying bespoke, practical and often innovative thinking to deliver results that help your business thrive with the confidence that a comprehensive risk management strategy can bring.

Based in Kent, we provide our corporate consultancy services nationwide, reaching the four corners of the UK. To begin seeing just how much our consultants can bring to your business, contact us today, and take advantage of our expertise.

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