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The NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is for those who want to follow a career in occupational health and safety practice – probably the most varied and interesting career you could choose. The NEBOSH Diploma aims to provide the underpinning knowledge as well as the practical skills that occupational health and safety practitioners need. This is an advanced qualification that will give you the best chance of both academic progression and career development.  It follows on from the NEBOSH National General Certificate, which forms a solid foundation for studying the NEBOSH Diploma.

This course has been re-designed by NEBOSH and replaces the 4 unit NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

Why choose The Bradley Group for a NEBOSH Diploma?

To some, health and safety training can seem dull and lack real-world application. Our professional team is passionate about all things health and safety, not only making the course engaging by applying the subject to real-world scenarios, but also making the training memorable, giving our trainees the confidence to use what they have learned in the workplace after taking the course.  

 Having been in business for over 20 years, our experienced, engaging trainers provide clear, and detailed coaching to maximise the success of our trainees. Whilst challenging, this course provides the foundations for a safer workplace that can be extremely rewarding. 

If you’re looking for a reliable NEBOSH course provider in Kent, London or anywhere across the UK, don’t hesitate to choose The Bradley Group. Contact us today to discuss your course needs. 

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Aspiring health and safety professionals who want to be the best in their field and those who wish to progress to postgraduate, academic study.  Achieving the Diploma will allow Members of IOSH to add DipNEBOSH after their name and  to progress to Chartered Membership of the Institution.

On completion of the Diploma, you will be able to:

  • understand how health and safety legislation is applied in a workplace and the possible enforcement actions that could be taken
  • identify and effectively communicate relevant health and safety information
  • advise on a range of common workplace health and safety issues including how these can be assessed, controlled and monitored
  • develop a health and safety policy strategy (including proactive safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and the change management process)
  • contribute to a risk management strategy
  • promote a positive health and safety culture
  • develop and audit health and safety management systems
  • maintain individual and organisational health and safety competence
  • manage contractors and supply chains to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

The course is taken over 28 days, split into modules of varying lengths, plus at least 144 hours of private study.  There are also 140 hours for the assessments.

The qualification units are assessed in the following way:

 ND1 – Know – workplace health and safety principles

 Assignment - workplace-based tasks together with simulations and reflective statements and a research topic

 ND2 – Do – controlling workplace health issues

 Scenario-based case study

 ND3 – Do – controlling workplace safety issues

 Scenario-based case study


Each assessment is a substantial undertaking. We anticipate that it will take you around 60 hours to complete the ND1 assignment and 40 hours each for the ND2 and ND3 case studies. The time-period given for you to complete each assessment reflects this:

Unit ND1: 6 weeks (30 working days)
Unit ND2: 4 weeks (20 working days)
Unit ND3: 4 weeks (20 working days)

The cost of our NEBOSH Diploma is from £1,950 - £5,499 + VAT. This includes the exam costs and all other associated costs. 

NEBOSH National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals

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