It’s getting to that time of year where the mornings are cold and overnight frost has covered the ground.

As I scraped the ice from my car windows with a credit card one morning I thought to myself, ‘I clearly haven’t planned for this!’ as I certainly did not have the right tools for the job….

Each winter many businesses up and down the country will have to deal with ice and snow at some point. Now is the perfect time to blow the dust off the winter plan and carry out a overview of its contents.

  • Have you identified the hazards (snow, ice, cold, etc)?
  • Have you identified who may be harmed and how (think about vulnerable people)?
  • Are you current controls adequate (such as do you have enough salt, grit and tools to remove snow)?
  • Is the winter plan understood by your employees and has necessary training been given?

Having an up to date and suitable winter plan can help reduce the risks of injuries from snow and ice. If you need any support or would like us to review your plan then give us a call on 01795 599989 or email