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Representatives of Employee Safety - Sittingbourne, Kent

Audience: Suitable for newly-appointed and existing union and non union representatives who have not received any training.

Aims: To give representatives an insight into their function and the key skills, which will enable them to assist in the safety management process.

Objectives: On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • identify the general requirements of health and safety which apply to the workplace
  • understand the role of the representative and the function of a Health and Safety Committee
  • know the elements required in carrying out a risk assessment
  • know what is required in investigating an accident
  • carry out workplace inspections.

Course Structure: The course contains four basic sessions (one day) which can be extended to eight (two days) if required.  The main topics covered are:  

  • basic legal requirements and the employer's duty to consult with employee representatives
  • safety committees
  • common workplace hazards and controls
  • workplace inspections
  • accident prevention and investigation.

Assessment of Course: There is no assessment of the course. All delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

Course Length: One Day (can be extended to two on request)

In-House Presentations: Please ask for a tailored quotation

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