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Consultancy for Waste and Recycling Companies

Waste and recycling is an industry sector where we find ourselves working almost daily, providing our full range of consultancy, risk management and training services to meet a range of needs.

Recycling has been a rapidly growing corporate sector over the last few decades and growing populations and city densities place ever growing demand on waste management businesses.

Just as rapidly as the sector is growing and having to keep up with demand, legislation is tightening in a range of health and safety related areas to ensure proper handling of waste and control of a variety of substances hazardous to health. With just as much potential for damage to the general public as your own staff, the potential for risk is high in a multitude of areas.

We tailor bespoke audits and site inspections, competent person packages and services such as air monitoring and dust sampling to draw a detailed picture of where you are, and assess this against our knowledge of sector best practice and legislation to establish where you need to get to.

Current legislation always plays a key role in this process and we apply extensive knowledge and understanding of the current legal requirements to every area of risk identified.

Our consultancy extends beyond the immediate environmental, workplace equipment and occupational health and safety risks to look into general business and financial risks through contingency and business continuation planning. Ultimately, we work all of our findings into a complete report and action plan that can then be developed with the corporate board and delivered through implementation of risk management systems and delivery of bespoke packages of training for every level of staff from the boardroom to the people on the factory floor.

We see comprehensive, practical and competent risk management as an essential tool to helping a company grow and thrive. To learn more about our perspective and approach, contact us today, we cover the entire UK from London to Aberdeen.

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