The main way that this virus spreads is through aerosol transmission.  There is less certainty about how easily it can spread through touching infected surfaces but it is a possibility.  Our assessment of the risk is therefore geared to those two routes of infecion.

Risk controls

1.         Hand hygiene

There is hand sanitiser at the front door of the building, at the entrance to our training centre and at various points throughout the centre.

We have posters up showing the correct way to wash hands and reminding course delegates and staff of the need to thoroughly wash their hands at regular intervals.

2.         Space and ventilation

Our large training rooms have excellent ventilation and tutors will keep windows open during training.  Obviously this will make the rooms cooler on cold days so we would ask course delegates to dress warmly.

Course numbers have been restricted to ensure that we can keep the requisite distance between delegates.  We have replaced our large tables with individual desks, spaced out so that delegates can easily sit at a distance from each other.  

In the breakout area, we have designated which chairs can and cannot be used to maintain the proper distance between delegates.  We also encourage delegates to use The Hub, opposite our buildings, for their breaks or take a stroll in the gardens.

Tea and coffee is still on tap from our machine but with paper cups and individual pots of milk;  the drawers containing the sachets are left open to avoid everyone touching them.  Disposable cups are available at the water cooler.

3.         Face coverings

All delegates and staff are required to wear face coverings while in the break-out area and, if they would feel more comfortable, in the training room.  Obviously our tutors do not wear masks while teaching as this would greatly inhibit their ability to teach.  Ventilation and distance are used as risk controls instead.

4.         General cleanliness

Our training centre is cleaned thoroughly each day.  All surfaces in the breakout area, where different people are likely to have been, are cleaned at breaks.

If at any point you are not comfortable or need reassurance, please speak to your course tutor or email our Managing Director,