The risk of fire in your premises is…

…well that entirely depends on the activities your carry out within your organisation and how much they contribute to the fire triangle. This is where a fire risk assessment comes into place.

Recently we have seen an increase in carrying out fire risk assessments for our clients and businesses throughout the different industries. In a world dominated by covid-19 and ensuring we keep safe from the spread of infection it is refreshing to see that businesses are still on top of their other health and safety commitments.

So why do we need a fire risk assessment? Simply speaking we need these assessments to help us identify the fire hazards within our organisations. Once we have identified those hazards we then analyse the risks to understand whether they are low, medium or high and require further action to reduce or control them.

We look at fire risk assessments in a similar way as we do any other risk assessment in that we;

Identify the fire hazards and keeping in mind sources of oxygen, heat and fuel.

Identify the people at risk especially those who are vulnerable

Evaluate those risks and ensure the fire safety measures are suitable

Record the findings and brief others on those findings

Review the fire assessment regularly especially if there has been any significant change which could increase the risk of fire.

The government has a variety of great fire safety risk assessment guidance documents which cover a number of specific industries and can assist when carrying out an assessment.

If you are intending to have your fire risk assessment reviewed or if you do not have one then do feel free to get in touch for some friendly practical advice on the steps needed to ensure compliancy.

Our workplace safety consultants are on-hand help you assess your business needs. The Bradley Group are fully qualified fire safety consultants.

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